MICHUSA Customer Services

Modifying Your MICHUSA Account

MICHUSA.COM has added some options that will enable you to modify the following items in your account.
1) Change your password on your account;
2) Forward any mail you receive to another email address;
3) Set a vacation message or an automated message
4) Filter unwanted messages (SPAM) using amn email filtering program called Box Trapper
5) Adjust time to keep email on server. There are also three different email programs (NeoMail, Horde and SquirrelMail) that you can use.

To access these features, go to this URL: http://www.michusa.com/webmail


Enter your email address in the User ID: field and your password in the Password: field then click the OK button to access your Personal Profile.


1) Click the Change Password link to change your password on your account. After you make the changes, click "Home" in the upper right corner to return to the main menu.

(NOTE: To change your user id, you must call our office at 248-478-4300 or email [email protected]).


2) Click the Forwarding Options link to forward your email to an additional location by typing in the email address in the field. If you would like your email address forwarded permanently to another email address please call our office at 248-478-4300.

You can reverse the setting by clicking the "Delete" link next to the forwarded email address.


3) Click the Autoresponder Options link to set a vacation or automated message for all incoming emails.

4) Click the BoxTrapper link to set up your SPAM filtering. BoxTrapper will filter any unwanted email from reaching the "inbox" on your computer.

BoxTrapper will activate an email verification for those not on your "white list." After clicking on the BoxTrapper link, you will be asked to activate this option by clicking on the "enable" link.

You will then be asked to enter your email address and type the number of days you want to keep the incoming mail in BoxTrapper before it is deleted. Check the "Enable Automatic Whitelisting" option, then click the "Save" button to activate BoxTrapper.

When you want to check your mail in BoxTrapper 1) click on the BoxTrapper link, 2) click on the "Review Queue" link. The queue will default to today's date. You can move through the dates by clicking on the left hand date link to move backward or clicking on right hand date link to move forward through the dates.

To whitelist and send the emails to your account, click on the box to check the email, click the Whitelist & Deliver button, then click the Submit button.

A window will appear indicating all the emails that have been delivered to your account. Click the "Home" link to return to the main menu.

6) Click the Aging link to set the number of days you want to keep your email on our server before it is removed from our server. Click the "Home" link to return to the main menu.

Please make sure to click the "logout" link when finished. As always, if you encounter any problems using these services, please call us at 248-478-4300.

Have some questions? Send email to [email protected]
For more information call (248) 478-4300
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